A new personal achievement, 2016.


A very busy couple of years working on my Masters in Social Science. Success at last !


All the Best Malaysia!

The first of our Malaysian athletes participating in the Asian Games depart for Guangzhou, China today. Many more athletes will depart in the next few days, leaving in batches depending on when their respective competitions will take place. The opening ceremony for the Games will be on the 12th and the games will continue until the 27th of November.

I would like to wish all those participating “All the Best”. I know how hard they have trained and how many sacrifices they have made. I know how much they want to perform well and win.

So my final advice is to stay positive, be confident, belief in yourself and do your best. Show how good you are and stay focus.

Congratulations Kelantan

The Malaysia Cup Finals was played at the Bukit Jalil Stadium 2 nights ago between Kelantan and Negeri Sembilan. It proved to be an interesting game to watch. It was a fast paced game with the ball constantly on the move.

Kelantan were shocked with an early goal in the first half from a penalty kick which put Negeri Sembilan one up. The Kelantan players looked a bit demoralised and their game was slow. Passes were not precise and movement heavy. However, coming into the second half, Kelantan played a much better game. They attacked and had many penalty corners. Negeri Sembilan was forced to play defensively.

The turning point came when key defender and captain Aidil sustained an injury and was not able to continue playing. Kelantan capitalized on the and scored a quick header to equalize. The confidence of the Kelantan started to increase as opposed to the confidence of the Negeri players. Kelantan consistantly attacked was rewarded with another fantastic goal. Try as the might, Negeri was a depleted sight.

The absence of Aidil was evident. But nevertheless, I congratulate the Negeri Sembilan team for making it to the finals and putting up a good fight. I would have enjoyed it more had there not been to many players from both sides sustaining cramps and muscle tenseness due to the physical intensity of the game.

Football is a team sport. A lesson to be learnt is that players must learn to play together and not depend on one person to hold the team together. When one falls, others must come in to take his place. This person has to be just as strong and just as good. One very good player does not make the team. Many good players do.

Congratulations Kelantan!

Still trying new things

Yesterday, I was part of a world wide gathering of people around the world. who danced simultaneously to Michael Jackson”s Thriller. It was also part of the world “Heal The World” Campaign. We danced to the music of “thriller” at the dataran Shah Alam dressed like zombies. There was nearly 50 odd people from all walks of life, different races and cultures, and of various ages from as young as 5 years to perhaps a veteran like me. Come to think of it, I was perhaps the oldest participant dancing there.

But age is only a number, right. So I want to try new things and this is something I have never done before. It was an extrodinary experience and I felt very privileged to have been part of the event. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed myself tremendously. I also made many new friends.


Congratulations to All the athletes who participated in the XIX Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India. It does not matter which country you represent, where your roots are and what sport you participated in, my thanks go to you.

As I watched the games from the comfort of my sitting room, I could see and imagine the extreme conditions under which the games were held. Indeed trying and challenging. But compete you all did in the true spirit of the games.

My congratulations also go to India. You have stepped up and successfully held these games to the delight of those present. The feedback from many athletes who were there has been positive.

To the Malaysian athletes, a BIG congratulations irrespective whether you won or lost. I am proud of you all.

So till we meet again in 4 years time Glasgow, Scotland, work hard, stay positive and keep smiling.

Let the Games Begin

Last night saw the spectacular opening of the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India. Watching the marching in of athletes from the respective countries into the stadium, I cannot help but be reminded that these were the athletes who were going to have to perform and do their very best to bring honour and glory to their country. It is indeed a privilege to represent ones country but thus it is also a heavy burden to carry. The number that will go home victorious carrying the gold medal around the neck is small compared with those going home with nothing.

But in the spirit of the Games, it is in the participation that is important. Just do your best and show what you can do. Stay positive and enjoy the Games.

Time to Get Serious

Firstly, a thousand apologies for being absent for so long. I has been a busy time for me with the Hari Raya Aidil Fitri followed by a string of commitments. Anyway, I am back for now.

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to assist the Sport Psychology Centre of the National Sport Institute at the centralized camp for national athletes going for the 2010 Commonwealth and Asian Games. There were many faces that I knew and recognized and there were some that I did not. I congratulate them all for being the best in what they do and being selected to represent our country.

Besides having the great honour of wearing the Malaysian flag on their shirts, along with it comes great responsibility. It is no holiday nor is it just tagging along for the ride. This is serious business. These athletes have to perform at the very best level in order to compete and challenge to bring back a medal for the country.

They have to be physically fit and healthy. Their mental state will constantly be tested both before and during the competition. So prepare well to do battle for it is indeed a big battle ground and only the best will be victorious.

Good luck !